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Empanadas with Queso Blanco (6 per order)

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Mini Meat Empanadas fried golden brown, and served with a side of Queso Blanco. Six Empanadas to each order, three salsa packets, 1 queso. Great for an entree or an appetizer. 

Remove the empanadas from the microwave container, place on an ovenable pan and heat the pies in the oven on 350° for 15-25 minutes. Queso comes in a microwave safe container that can be put in increments of 30 seconds until desired heat is reached. 


Beef, pork, wheat flour (contains wheat), egg, shortening, yellow onions, green onions, salt, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley, ground red pepper Contains: Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Soy


Milk and skim milk (contains dairy), buttermilk (contains dairy), milk fat (contains dairy), salt, jalapeno peppers, red bell peppers, vinegar 

Contains: Dairy, Wheat, Egg

Food Allergy Notice: Though best practices are used when preparing meals, our kitchen environment does contain nuts and gluten so we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.