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Ranch Loaded Chicken Wrap

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You will love our new ranch loaded chicken wrap. The perfect harmony of delicious tender grilled chicken breast basted with a tantalizing blend of flavors, paired provolone cheese and the crisp freshness of shredded carrots, lettuce, and cabbage are all loaded in an healthy whole grain lavash wrap. Served with our delicious homemade ranch dressing. Savor the goodness of one large wrap per order! 

Eat and enjoy!

Chicken, wrap (flour, water, sprouted hard red wheat berries, sprouted alfalfa, sprouted brown flax, sprouted clover, sprouted lentils, sprouted millet, sprouted peas, sprouted spelt, sprouted yellow corn), olive oil, ranch dressing (buttermilk, mayonnaise, seasonings), lettuce, cabbage, carrots Contains: wheat, milk, eggs

Notes: At Front Porch Pantry we strive to deliver generous portions. Actual serving size may contain up to 2 servings per container. Nutritional information may exclude sauces, dressings, marinades and brines.

Food Allergy Notice: Though best practices are used when preparing meals, our kitchen environment does contain nuts and gluten so we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.