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Key Lime Pie

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Indulge in the irresistible allure of our Key Lime Pie, a symphony of flavors that will have you exclaiming "yum…yum…yum!" This delectable dessert is a timeless favorite, perfect for any season. From the meticulously crafted crust, blending graham crackers, real butter, and toasted pecans to perfection, to the exquisite filling featuring a velvety, tangy custard made with egg yolks, fresh key limes, lime zest, sweetened condensed milk, and the richness of pure Madagascar Vanilla Beans – every element is carefully selected to elevate your taste experience.

To crown this culinary masterpiece, we lavish your pie with a cloud-like, homemade whipped heavy cream, dusted with powdered sugar, and artfully drizzled with our luscious homemade caramel ganache. This Key Lime Pie is a celebration of indulgence, balancing sweetness and tartness in every blissful bite.

Don't miss out on this culinary delight! Available for this week only, it's a limited-time opportunity to savor the extraordinary flavors of our Key Lime Pie. Treat yourself and double up on the delight – because this sensational dessert is too good to miss!

Eat and enjoy!

Graham crackers, butter, sugar, lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, powdered sugar, caramel, Vanilla extract Contains: Wheat, Milk

Notes: At Front Porch Pantry we strive to deliver generous portions. Actual serving size may contain up to 2 servings per container. Nutritional information may exclude sauces, dressings, marinades and brines.

Food Allergy Notice: Though best practices are used when preparing meals, our kitchen environment does contain nuts and gluten so we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.