The Lower Carb Lifestyle Box - Front Porch Pantry

The Lower Carb Lifestyle Box


The Lower Carb Lifestyle Box is a subscription of weekly meals. Our lower carb lifestyle box includes a variety of our premium meals with fewer carbs than our hearty meals. These meals are lower in carbohydrates, high in protein and healthy vegetables. Meal variety changes weekly. Lower Carb options are menu items that are 35g or less of carbs per serving. Most meals provide two servings. Our lower carbs meals have carbohydrates just lower amounts of carbs and more protein. 

While carbohydrates are essential nutrients and provide many important functions in your body, like being the main energy source for your nervous system, we understand many prefer to go light on their carb servings. To meet those preferences, we have developed our Lower Carb Meals that each contain fewer than 35 gram of carb per serving. You can expect hearty proteins, healthy fats and plenty of veggies while helping you stick to a lower carb lifestyle. Whether trying to shed a couple inches or keeping a close eye on blood sugar, our Lower Carb Meals can help you to your goals.

You will be charged when you place your initial order. The recurring charge will occur weekly. Please note we pack your box with premium meals at a discounted price.