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June 17, 2022

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen cooking? Is eating the same meals that you prepared last weekend getting boring? You need to try pre-made meals. We tracked down the 10 best meal delivery services in Dallas so that you never have to worry about cooking, meal prepping, or grocery shopping when you don’t have the time. Instead, pop one of your pre-made meals in the oven or microwave and you’ve got a hot, delicious meal in minutes. These meal delivery services range from small local businesses to large nationwide companies, but they all focus on the same things: healthy, pre-cooked meals delivered right to your door!

1. Front Porch Pantry

Front Porch Pantry Meal Delivery Services

Estimated Serving Cost: $5.48 per serving

Looking formeal delivery services with home-cooked meals? Front Porch Pantry is all about their delicious meals that taste just like the ones mom used to make for the whole family, but are delivered fresh to your door! They ensure that their dishes not only taste good, but are healthy as well by using low carb, low sodium, and low gluten ingredients. Their large 30-plus meal selection changes every Saturday so that you have plenty of variety in your weekly meals. However, a few of their most popular dishes like the Chicken Parmesan are kept on the menu, which means your favorites will always be available! Unlike most of the companies in Dallas, there is no order minimum so that you can order as many or as few meals a week as you like, and you can even choose when you want them delivered. Front Porch Pantry offers sales throughout the week. This includes sales such as Sweet Saturday, in which customers receive a free dessert with their purchase, or Happy Hour Friday, in which customers can enjoy an entrée at 50% off the original price. Most of their entrees are very generous portions with two or more servings, allowing you to get more than one meal out of the entrée or share it with someone. Front Porch Pantry delivers not only throughout the DFW metroplex area, but also to the entire state of Texas, Oklahoma, and even Arkansas. Customers within the local DFW metroplex receive free delivery on orders of $75 or more, and orders can even be picked up at their storefront in Farmer's Branch. 

One of the biggest differences between Front Porch Pantry and the other companies listed below is that they are forthcoming and transparent about what exactly is in their meals. Not only do they list the ingredients, allergen information, and highlight the main benefits of each entrée, but they also include the nutritional facts. This way, you know exactly the kind of meals you’re getting for your dietary needs, and you can eat them knowing that you’re getting fresh, healthy food out of it!

Looking for a meal delivery service in the Dallas area that you don’t have to commit to buying full meals for or you just want to try out ready-to-eat meals? Front Porch Pantry is for you! They offer meals, snacks, a la carte items, desserts, and even soups. You don’t have to deal with a subscription and remember to cancel or change it when you won’t be home to get your order, you get to choose how much you want to be delivered and when! Most meal delivery services require their customers to commit to a specific day of the week to receive their shipment and have an order minimum quantity, but not Front Porch Pantry. As far as the best meal delivery services in Dallas go, Front Porch Pantry is one of the easiest, no-fuss services to use that will fit your lifestyle.

Bonus: Front Porch Pantry also has both a loyalty program and a referral program! Through the loyalty program, a customer earns a point for every dollar spent as well earn points for leaving reviews, as a birthday bonus, and more. Points can be redeemed for rewards such as coupons for their next order or free entrees. With their referral program, a customer can refer their friends and family to Front Porch Pantry and receive 15% off their next order, and their referral will get 15% off as well!

2. Chef Delivered

Chef Delivered

 Estimated Serving Cost: $5.93 per serving

Run by an ACF Gold Medal winning chef, this small meal delivery service prides itself on its quality and fresh pre-made meals. They make their weekly deliveries on Mondays and boast a rotating menu with meals starting at $10.95. Reviews say their containers are reusable and praise the taste, portion sizing, and quality of the food. You can even contact Chef Delivered with your specific needs such as organic, a special diet, or other dietary needs and they will try to accommodate you. Located in Plano, they deliver within 30 miles. You can place your orders up until 5 PM on Saturdays and get your meals the following Monday.

3. Fresh n’ Lean

Meal Delivery Service Fresh n' Lean

Estimated Serving Cost: $7.93 per serving

Fresh n’ Lean is one of the larger meal delivery services than the rest of the ones listed here as their headquarters are in Anaheim, California. However, they have specific menus and locations across the country, such as Dallas. Focusing on the hustle and bustle of DFW, their pre-made meals offer a wide variety of dietary needs such as keto, plant-based, gluten-free, low carb, and more that can easily be heated up within minutes. They use local farms to source their ingredients and even list the amount of protein, carbs, fat, and calories for each meal. Based on the kind of meal plan you’re looking for, the prices vary per meal. 

4. Healthy Bitez

Healthy Bitez

 Estimated Serving Cost: $8 per serving

Healthy Bitez is another small local meal delivery service that is all about its customers in the DFW area. With a wide variety of healthy meal options, their chef Maru also makes her own juices, soups, and detox cleansers. They do most of the deliveries on Sundays, but you can also order during the week and get your meals within two days. Healthy Bitez does have a minimum order of five meals or six juices for delivery. With dishes starting as low as $8, this small business is one of the most affordable we found. They also advertise their meals are gluten-free, non-GMO, low-fat, and have no added hormones. 

5. The Chef’s Cuisine

The Chef's Cuisine Prepared Meal Delivery Service

Estimated Serving Cost: $7.73 per serving

The Chef’s Cuisine differs slightly from the other companies here as their meals are delivered on the first three Sundays a month. They also have an order minimum of five dishes and you have to order by Thursday night to get your meal for the following Sunday. They label each of their dishes with icons that stand for organic, gluten-free, and even spicy to help you choose what’s right for your dietary needs. They even offer a kid’s menu so that you can get meals for the whole family!

6. Nature’s Plate

Nature's Plate Meal Delivery Service in Dallas

Estimated Serving Cost: $9.73 per serving

With a huge list of many different meals, sides, desserts, and entrees, Nature’s Plate is definitely one of the best meal delivery services in Dallas! Delivering in several nearby cities around Dallas, Nature’s Plate is entirely plant-based. You can create a meal subscription, buy a la carte items, or even visit their store location to pick them up. Not only will you be eating super healthy, but you’ll also be eating delicious food that you’ll never even be able to tell is all plant-based!

7. Meal Pro

Meal Pro Meal Delivery Services

Estimated Serving Cost: $13.14 per serving

One of the most unique things about Meal Pro is the option to create custom meals, which makes it one of the most unique meal delivery services for sure! Delivering to Dallas, across the United States, and even to parts of Canada. They do have an order minimum of 18 meals per box or 20 meals per box. Each meal is shown with its full nutritional facts so that you can be sure that you are getting the ideal meals for your diet!

8. Map Meals

Map Meals DFW Meal Delivery Service

Estimated Serving Cost: $10 per serving

Map Meals is entirely based on your desired meal plan: keto, paleo, whole 30, muscle-building, protein packing, maintaining weight, or burning fat. You can customize your meal plan with the delivery dates, choose your meals, skip weeks if you want, and more! With five meals a week for $50, that’s $10 per meal, which is super affordable. They also offer family meals so that everyone in your home can eat healthily. Map Meals is a small business located in Carrollton and delivers to nearly the entire area of DFW with free same-day delivery, which is one thing that no other service on this list has!

9. The Prep Kitchen

The Prep Kitchen Meal Delivery Services

Estimated Serving Cost: $10 per serving

As far as the best meal delivery services go, The Prep Kitchen is one of the most customizable! They not only offer pre-made single portion meals, but they also have bulk portions for families and the option to create your own meal, your way, your size! Want to make your meals with fresh, healthy ingredients? The bulk portions are for you! Looking for healthy pre-made meals you can heat up when you don’t have time to cook? The chef-prepared meals are what you need. Not finding the meals for you from any of these other companies? Create your own with The Prep Kitchen’s Build Your Meal! Plus, there is no minimum order amount or subscription that you have to commit to. They deliver to DFW, all of Texas, and some areas of Oklahoma and Louisiana. 

10. Fresh From the Gardens

Meal Delivery Services in Dallas Fresh From the Gardens

Estimated Serving Cost: Varies

Fresh From the Gardens is not only a prepared meal delivery service, they also offer private chefs, cooking classes, canning and preserving classes, and more! Instead of a pre-selected menu, this unique service offers a personal chef experience where you get to tell the chef the kinds of meals you’re looking for and they will create a custom meal plan just for you. How luxurious! Serving the greater Dallas area, this small business is all about their personal relationships with their clients looking for custom meals.

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